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early struggles

This is the next experience for me and for my life. I am not remember very well about the date. But this happens when I have plan to apply my short course University in United Kingdom.

On Juny I start to apply this program. For this opprtunity I invited my friend, she is same with me the student from Yogyakarta State University-Indonesia, but us from different departements. I am from Geography Education- Faculty Science of Social and she is from Secretary Diploma Program-Faculty of Economy and we have same semester now. Her name is Ratih Fitria Raka Siwi. Se has a high motivation I ever know to participate this program. She never give up! Yeah I like about it.

Afternoon, in front of the library I start to completed the requierements of this program, such as TOEFL, Prestation, Biography, and some small interviews about education. I think this is not so difficult, but still all is process so we must properly and appropriately equipped.

Finally, the completed program is finish. We just waiting the announcement about selection this program. We just can pray and patient about this announcement. Hopefully all is well.

From several weeks, finnaly the announcement is coming, We are not patient to know and open the email. And "jreng"..."jreng"... Alhamdulillah, all because Allah, finally me and Ratih is pass the selection.

This Program is International Derby Summer School 2013 powered by University of Derby, United Kingdom. International Derby Summer School is in the capacity building activities broaden education, addressing issues of education, development of language skills, and critical thinking in the face of global issues in the international arena. This activity is formally held by the University of Derby, as one of the world's leading campus and has ranked as the third international modern campus and satisfaction of quality of education for international students. This event was attended by international students from all over the world and aims to attract participants with different backgrounds, inspire, encourage the exchange of ideas, hone leadership and support youth from around the world to develop the idea, especially in a world in creating quality education and quality .
International Derby Summer School is an official project organized by the University of Derby - United Kingdom. In this event, participants will gain knowledge up to date on issues in education, especially in Europe and the United Kingdom alone. Each year, students from various countries joined the program, from a variety of disciplines. In this case, the University of Derby open opportunities to all youth and student levels of S-1 to gain knowledge as well as know the United Kingdom more closely.

Summer School is focused on global issues concerning educational issues facing cities in Europe, the United Kingdom, as well as various countries in the world. In the first week given the material through the theory of the professors and lecturers of the University of Derby which is a major university in the United Kingdom. Having given lectures in class, participants will be invited to explore directly in Derby and London City which is the main magnet in the United Kingdom. The objective is to determine the strategic policy of education so that the country is advancing rapidly.

The students who participate in the program for at least 16 days will address any global issue in every lecture. This is one of very positive activity that can unlock the knowledge of the participants from various countries to discuss and convey any experiences from their respective countries. Of course this will be very beneficial for Indonesia. By looking at the characteristics of the model and the UK are very advanced in education that will provide an accurate picture of the management of education in Indonesia for the future.
Increased knowledge and open mindset and attitude towards education development challenges is an important factor for the completion education problem in Indonesia. With critical thinking are expected to exist are more mature planning in education, especially for Indonesian state. Therefore, the delegation of Yogyakarta State University students in the program are considered necessary because participants can apply all the knowledge gained to create alternative solutions related to the challenges and opportunities faced by education.

From all my story and experience this is only the beginning of our journey! Stay cool and Never give up, believe, pray to Allah who is makes happen and miracle, and Man Jadda Wa Jadda :)

Pebri Nurhayati
Mahasiswa Pendidikan Geografi 2011
Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta

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