Minggu, 28 Juli 2013

Surprise Today

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Suddenly my classmates send me short message from Facebook. She asked "ebi, afternoon later in the dorm?"

She is beautiful and nice girl, very well and have good attitude. Her name is Mardasari. She is original from Yogyakarta. I am really like about her.

Btw, I reply about her message "Yeah Marda, insyallah ebi just stay at dorm, what happen?"
From it, she is not reply my message again, and I am just waiting her.

I just mumbled "So what happen?" Insyallah all's gonna be OK! Aminn yarabb..
I waiting her from morning until Ashar time. and finally she is coming.

"Assalamualykum", she is say salam
"Waalykumsalam", I answer salam
"What happend marda?"
"ebi this is for you. I am sorry I can't give you more, because I just have it"
"What is that marda?" I am confused.

She is out the something from her bag, and give something like a parcel.
"what is this?"
"this is for ebi, realy sorry about it, really sorry make you so tired"
" Ohh Marda really sorry make you so busy because me"
"No ebi, I am sorry ebi, if this is not match with you, and please don't open now, don't make me shy"
"why marda? I am really happy about it, and really so sweet for me, thanks so much marda"
"with pleasure ebi, I am going now, have a nice travelling yeah"

"Thank marda, this is best of you today, I never forget it" Thank so much" :) 

2 komentar:

  1. I think this is something that was unthinkable, not you?
    This is so sweet you know???

    1. Iya Selly, I agree so much.
      What you think about it. Do you want to like this?
      Do you want like me or marda? :D